Note taking will never be the same!

Students, educators, consultants, scientists and all other users who need a smarter way to capture, organize and review their notes can now get everything they need.

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The notes in the visible margin

Other productivity apps don't let users see their notes and their main document text at the same time, However, MarginNote Reader is totally different and completely better! Now, users can see their notes and main document text all at once, without having to deal with distracting or annoying pop-ups. It's a fundamentally more intuitive and productive way to get anything done, whether at school or at work.

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Organize notes by outline & mindmap

MarginNote Reader also eliminates the need for users to lug around heavy, bulky textbooks and notebooks. All of their data is ready for them in one place, and users can organize and reorganize their notes with the swipe of a finger! This ease- of-use is one key difference between MarginNote and other note apps.

Evernote Integration

Seamless syncing with Evernote.


Create outlines of important note files, in order to easily and quickly find specific points.


Export markup and notes in print-ready format.


The capacity to store notes on the iPad or in the Cloud.

MarginNote iPad App Demo

Must-Have New No-Cost iPad App "MarginNote"

MarginNote Reader
  • Limited number of notes
  • 30 notes in each mindmap
  • 100 total notes in mindmap
  • 10 times of file export
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MarginNote Pro Version
  • Unlimited number of notes
  • Unlimited notes in mindmap
  • Unlimited file export
  • Advanced functions in the future
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  • MarginNote provides a unique way to view a document and your notes at the same time. We have reviewed useful PDF reader apps for the iOS, including the classic iAnnotate and PDF Expert 5, but MarginNote takes a different approach to by actually putting notes and annotations directly into the margins of your chosen document.
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  • In a nutshell, I think it is the best solution yet (that I've found) to emulate the usefulness of writing in the margins in a "real" book. Better, in fact, since you can write as much as you want in the "margin" and not run out of space. And it can backup your notes to several cloud services.
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