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An in-depth PDF and EPUB reading, learning, managing and note taking app for nerds, geeks, and learners

What is MarginNote

MarginNote is a powerful reading tool for learners. Whether you are a student, a teacher, a researcher, a lawyer or someone with a curious mind to learn, MarginNote can help you quickly organize, study and manage large volumes of PDFs and EPUBs. All in one learning app enables you to highlight PDF and EPUB, take note, create mind map, review flashcards and saves you from switching endlessly between different Apps.


  • Excellent highlighter on both pdf and ePub.
  • Annotate on pdf highlight.
  • Drag & Drop to create highlight.


  • Direct take notes on margin side.
  • Embedding notes for ePub.
  • Hybrid notes: Voice, Handwriting, Picture, Hashtags, Web contents.


  • Outline and MindMap in ONE——Active your Left brain & Right brain.
  • All your study resource put into 2 views: Logical & Creative.
  • Organize the hierarchy of notes just by finger gestures.


  • Powerful Hashtags search.
  • Search across all your study.
  • Search within the book.


  • Flashcards from highlights & notes.
  • Review in speech mode.
  • Swift flip between flashcard and linked book page.


  • Sync notes with Dropbox & Evernote.
  • Sync books with iCloud.
  • One-click sync via WIFI between iPhone,iPad and Mac.

Export & Print

  • Anki & iThoughts & MindManager & OmniOutliner & Evernote.
  • Print all your mind map, notes, linked book pages into one PDF.
  • Data Backup & Restore.

For Mac & iPad & iPhone

MarginNote is available on Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and they all have almost the same features. All content will be automatically synced when switching from one device to another with iCloud and Dropbox enabled. MarginNote even supports Wifi transfer – so you can one-click sync multiple notebooks & books or the whole library.

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